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Addiction Counseling Wortendyke NJ

counselingAddiction has followed mankind since the beginning of time. Ever since man discovered intoxicating substances or pleasurable behaviors, he has been susceptible to the addictive pathways found in the brain’s reward circuit. In the past, addiction was considered a moral failing that could only be corrected through sheer willpower. As the science of addiction evolved, our understanding has increased in treating addiction issues. Research has shown that earlier therapeutic intervention to addiction problems will yield far greater results in long-term recovery. Here at New Convictions Recovery, we offer a wide range of different addiction counseling services, giving you the chance to experience freedom.

Help Through Every Stage

Healing from addiction is almost impossible to do on your own. Many people relapse when they try to force themselves out of their old habits, and it can be all too easy to create other substitute addictions along the way. Our expert team of addiction therapists will be able to help you through every stage of your recovery process, empowering you to take control of your own life and instilling hope for a better future.

Caring Substance Abuse Treatment Wortendyke NJ

Treating addiction involves more than simply removing the addictive element from your life. You need to look for addiction counseling near me to get the recovery process started so you can have support along the way. We like to ensure that our patients are given a choice when they come to work with us by offering a range of different therapy services to satisfy each individual’s needs.

Individual Therapy: A lot of people like to keep their time with an addiction specialist Wortendyke NJ private, and this is what our individual therapy is for. You will have individual counseling time with our experts, ensuring that you feel comfortable and can speak freely during your visits. We also create a customized holistic treatment plan that tailors to your specific needs.

Family Counseling: Addiction does not happen in a vacuum; often times, those closest to the addicted love can also fall into the wake of pain that addiction creates. Family members can develop unhealthy attitudes and behaviors in managing their loved one which can make the addiction worse . Learning how to create boundaries, pursuing personal healing, and understanding addiction are several of the ways that we assist family members in the recovery process through our family coaching program.

Nutritional Recovery & Brain Health Coaching: In the midst of addiction, many addicts ignore important nutrients and foods that are necessary for optimal mental and physical functioning. You are what you eat. An addict’s diet can include lots of sugar, carbs, and caffeine which can put him or her on a mood rollercoaster. We assist with by helping clients establish healthy eating patterns to better support mental health and functioning. We personally sit down with each client to educate about different foods and create a plan to better support healthy dietary habits.

Intervention: Sometimes, when an addiction impacts a large group of people or a family, it can make sense to intervene in order to minimize the damage. Achieving this goal without consulting an addiction specialist Wortendyke NJcan have disastrous results. Our intervention services are designed to assist you in the intervention process to get your loved one Wortendyke NJ addiction help  the right way.

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Having a local support network is crucial when you’re working through an addiction. As such, we limit our service area to include the towns surrounding Wortendyke NJ.

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