The Role of Family in Addiction Counseling

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Did you know that more than 21 million people in America suffer from addiction? Drug addiction and substance abuse can harm family relationships. This is done by undermining trust and compromising communication. When they witness someone suffering from addiction, family members may feel helpless. They may even feel frustrated and angry. However, family members may assist a loved one in … Read more

The Complete Guide to Addiction Therapy: Everything to Know

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Addiction therapy refers to the treatment and therapy options available that address addiction. These treatments also look at substance abuse disorders and underlying issues. Substance abuse needs more than short-term treatment, as occasional relapses are common. Treatment will depend on each person. There is not a one size fits all option when recovering from addiction. … Read more

The Role of the Counselor in Addiction Recovery

A question that can often get floated around by prospective clients seeking therapy is “what is the role of the counselor in addiction recovery”? This is an important question since it can be a factor in which one decides whether to enter into a therapeutic relationship with a counselor. Lots of myths and misinformation can … Read more

What are the benefits of family therapy?

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“I don’t what to involve my parents in the recovery process,” said a client of mine. “I just get triggered when they talk and they have a way of putting me down without realizing they are doing it!” For many individuals, the family can be a source of stress, trauma, and indefinite frustration which can … Read more

Why Do Drug Addicts Relapse?

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As it is often said in recovery circles, “relapse is not a requirement for recovery but the experience of many.” Unfortunately, relapse is not a stranger to many people who are striving to recover from drugs and alcohol; the National Institute on Drug Abuse places the rate of relapse for individuals anywhere from 40% to … Read more

Can You Overcome Addiction By Yourself?

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A common question that many struggling addicts ask themselves is “Can I recovery from addiction on my own?”. In a society that places value on self-efficacy, autonomy, and independence, it is natural for such a question to be asked. However, asking such a question can portray a lack of understanding as to the severity of … Read more

Why Therapy is Essential in Treating Addiction


For those who are inquiring about addiction treatment, a question that may be asked is why therapy is essential in treating addiction? That is a fair question since in this day and age, there are lots of resources that are available to assist addicts in their recovery process. From 12-step meetings to online publications to … Read more

How Do I Know If I’m Addicted?

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Perhaps you have asked yourself this same question in the course of everyday life. It comes as no surprise that as we advance in many different areas in modern society, we also advance in creating innovative ways to experience pleasure; hence, wherever pleasure is found or experienced, so lies the possibility of addiction. The term … Read more