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New Convictions Recovery: Your Go-To Center for Video Game Addiction

What We Offer

Dedicated to breaking free from the shackles of video game addiction, New Convictions Recovery, nestled in the heart of Villa Marie Claire, NJ, stands out as a leading professional counseling center. Our specialized approach provides internet gaming disorder treatment and brings a new ray of hope for those grappling with this modern-age addiction.

Our unique video game disorder counseling addresses the issue at its roots, injecting education and awareness into our comprehensive recovery program. We offer specialized services such as gaming addiction therapy and comprehensive assessments, prepared and executed by expert counselors with years of experience.

Resources and Strategies

Beyond the boundaries of conventional gaming disorder treatments, we also bring forth a wide array of resources – from enlightening books to effective preventative strategies. The diverse options we bring to the table enable you and your loved ones to establish a healthier, balanced interaction with the digital gaming world.

The New Convictions Recovery Experience

In a world that sees technology evolving every moment and video game landscapes rapidly transforming, you can rely on the expertise and unique offerings of New Convictions Recovery. Your quest to overcome gaming addiction should be a journey worth remembering, and we are committed to making it so with our unique, empathetic approach and advanced therapeutic methodologies.

Remember – your addiction does not define you. And with New Convictions Recovery, you get the opportunity to rewrite your story. Claim your free life today.


Recognizing the Manifestations of Gaming Addiction

Overindulging in gaming often at the cost of neglecting other important activities.

Experiencing disturbance or agitation when not engaged in gaming.

Failed attempted measures to limit or regulate gaming activities.

Declining interest in previously enjoyable hobbies and activities.

Covering up gaming activities or lying about them to friends and family.

Employing games as a primary mechanism for dealing with negative emotions such as stress, sadness, and more.

Thorough Walkthrough of Treatment Options and Counseling Services for Gaming Addiction

Counseling services customized to treat gaming addiction.

Various therapists in New Jersey offering video game addiction counseling.

Rehabilitation centers providing therapeutic environments and techniques to combat gaming addiction.

One-to-one therapy sessions to provide personalized healing strategies.

Availability of online support groups and virtual therapy for those preferring internet-based interaction.

Assessment of gaming addiction to evaluate addiction severity and guide the treatment process.

The Upsides of Acquiring Professional Assistance

Therapists specialized in gaming addiction provide strategies and interventions that are evidence-based.

Understanding the fundamental causes of addiction and developing coping strategies under professional guidance.

Organizing structured support to aid individuals in setting boundaries and reducing their gaming hours.

Providing opportunities to engage with support groups where experiences can be shared and lessons can be learnt from others undergoing a similar process.

Improvement in daily functioning, relationships, and overall well-being as a result of the therapeutic process.

Resourceful Aid for Gamers

Spreading education and raising awareness about gaming addiction through various organizations and initiatives.

Interventions for cases resistant to seeking help, aimed to motivate change.

Toll-free helplines offering immediate assistance and support, while providing information on treatment options.

Methods to prevent the onset or escalation of gaming addiction through educational resources and workshops.

In-depth insights and recommendations about gaming addiction are provided through various books and tools for both addicts and their loved ones.


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