Passaic’s New Convictions Recovery

Breaking Free: New Convictions Recovery

Passaic, New Jersey has a new ally in the fight against addiction with the establishment of New Convictions Recovery. This addiction counseling center is led by licensed professionals with years of experience in treating individuals suffering from addiction — a stark reminder that people from all walks of life can be susceptible to this illness. Today, we explore what makes New Convictions Recovery different from other treatment providers and why it may be a better solution to instill hope into individuals who are trapped in the snare of addiction.

A Personalized Approach

At New Convictions Recovery, clients can expect personalized treatment plans that cater to their unique needs. The center understands that addiction is not a one-size-fits-all illness and as such, a personalized approach is crucial to achieving lasting results. Whether clients require individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, interventions, referrals for higher levels of care, or information on mutual self-help groups, the team works collaboratively with the client to develop a plan that supports his or her recovery journey.  New Convictions Recovery treats the entire person, not just the addiction.

A Supportive Environment

Recovery from addiction can be a long and challenging journey with many perplexing situations; however, an individual does not need to walk this journey alone. At New Convictions Recovery, a supportive environment is created for clients to foster a sense of community, acceptance and hope. Clients are encouraged to share their stories, connect with others on similar journeys, invite people who are part of their recovery system into session, and receive the support they need to achieve their goals. The team at New Convictions Recovery recognizes that the recovery journey is not just about getting sober but embracing a new way of living that supports long-term recovery.

Qualified Professionals

New Convictions Recovery understands that addiction is a complex illness that requires skilled professionals to help individuals navigate and overcome its challenges. The center is staffed with licensed professionals with years of experience in treating addiction. The team works collaboratively with clients at every stage of their recovery journey, providing the necessary support and guiding them towards sustainable solutions. Their expertise is backed by an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, ensuring clients receive the best care possible.  Clinicians at the practice are also trained to work with co-occurring mental health issues as this is a common occurrence in addiction treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What types of addiction does New Convictions Recovery treat?

New Convictions Recovery provides counseling services for individuals struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, and behavioral addictions such as gambling, pornography, sex, eating, and video games.

    • How long is the treatment program?

The length of the program varies from person to person, depending on the severity of their addiction and individual needs. It can range from a few weeks to several months.

    • Does the center accept insurance?

No, New Convictions Recovery is not in network with any insurance companies; however, if your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you would pay up front for the session and the center would provide a receipt with the proper diagnostic codes for reimbursement.  For out-of-pocket costs per session, please New Convictions Recovery for more information.

    • What happens after counseling ends?

It is the intention of New Convictions Recovery that individuals who complete treatment will have the skills and resources necessary to navigate addiction challenges as well as a supportive community to lean on in times of difficulty.  Clients at New Convictions Recovery are always welcome back if they needed to revisit some exigent issues that come up in the course of everyday life.


Addiction is a challenging illness, but recovery is possible. With the help of New Convictions Recovery, individuals in Passaic, NJ can receive the support and guidance they need to lead a sober, healthy life. The center’s personalized approach, supportive environment, and qualified professionals make it an excellent choice for anyone struggling with addiction.