Trauma and Addiction: New Convictions Recovery’s Healing Process in New Jersey


Trauma and addiction often go hand in hand, making the road to recovery a complex journey. In New Jersey, New Convictions Recovery recognizes this intricate relationship and implements a trauma-informed approach in their individual counseling and family therapy strategies. Offering both clinical intervention and compassionate understanding, New Convictions Recovery helps individuals overcome the chains of addiction and traumatic experiences.

Understanding The Link Between Trauma And Addiction

Trauma drastically impacts the human psyche, often leading to the development of harmful coping mechanisms such as substance abuse. This is due to the body’s natural response to stress, discomfort, or pain resulting from traumatic experiences. Substance use initially serves as an escape or self-medication method. Over time, however, it exacerbates the problem by forming a co-occurring disorder: addiction.

New Convictions Recovery’s Approach to Trauma-informed Care

Understanding the link between trauma and addiction is the first step in the healing process. At New Convictions Recovery, the therapeutic approach begins with addressing the root cause of the addiction. By helping clients come to terms with their traumatic experiences, they can start breaking the cycle and work towards healing.

Individual Counseling Services in NJ

Utilizing a trauma-informed approach, our individual counseling sessions offer personalized care to our clients. Our highly skilled counselors employ cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), among others, to help individuals combat addiction and manage trauma symptoms effectively.

Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Recognizing that addiction affects not only the individual but also their families, we provide family therapy sessions. Taking into account various dynamics and needs, we guide families on the path of mutual understanding and constructive support leading to the collective healing of the entire family.

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In Conclusion…

Trauma and addiction can create a relentless cycle, but with trauma-informed care and the right counseling services, recovery is achievable. At New Convictions Recovery in New Jersey, we’re committed to helping individuals and families break through their dark moments and step into the light of healing and freedom. Remember, it’s not just about overcoming addiction; it’s about healing from trauma and reclaiming control over your life.