About Us

With addiction rates on the rise, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to get help for you or your loved one. There are more treatment centers around now than ever before, yet many people are not finding true recovery from their addictions. We believe this is because they fail to address important factors that are essential when seeking freedom from an addiction. Conventional methods of therapy often address only the psychological aspect of a person’s recovery; in more religious settings, counseling only focuses on the spiritual aspect. New research is finding that addiction is a multi-faceted illness which requires a treatment modality that can treat different components of a person’s well-being to ensure greater success.

At New Convictions Recovery, we look at each individual holistically and take into consideration all aspects when treating an individual. Since addiction is a spiritual, emotional, and physical illness, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive view when treating our clients. We pride ourselves on offering services that treat the entire person such as individual psychotherapy, spiritual counseling, and nutritional recovery/brain health coaching. When treating the psychological/emotional aspect of addiction, we utilize well-established counseling methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and interpersonal process therapy (IPT). In treating the spiritual component, we incorporate a biblical worldview to understand, treat, and apply biblical principles towards the spiritual healing of addictive disorders. Lastly, when treating the physical aspect, we provide a nutritional recovery coach that meets with each client periodically to discuss how the client’s diet can either help or hinder his or her recovery and coach him or her on healthier eating habits that can improve his or her brain health and overall well-being; additionally we have an arrangement with a local cross-fit gym for discounted prices to assist with physical fitness. We realize that addiction is a complex disease, and each individual seeking treatment deserves specific care and attention.

Meet Our Team

roland achtau

Roland is the founder of New Convictions Recovery. He is well credentialed as a licensed clinical social worker, licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, and a nationally certified advanced clinical interventionist. Roland holds a masters in pastoral counseling with a focus on addictions recovery from Liberty University. He also holds a masters of social work with a specialization in addictions treatment from Rutgers University. Roland has worked in various addictions treatment facilities over the years ranging from private counseling practices, outpatient centers and inpatient rehabilitation centers. Roland has a passion for seeing those suffering with addictive disorders make full recovery and thrive in their new lives.

Alexis Achtau
Alexis Achtau NCNRC, NCBHC

Alexis is the co-founder of New Convictions Recovery. She is nationally certified both as a nutritional recovery and brain health coach. Over the years, Alexis has discovered and learned the importance of nutrition, and physical fitness in her own journey through healing from addiction. Alexis has a passion for helping motivate and educate her clients on the relationship between their mental health and diet. She strives to give them the tools they need to regain control of their mental health, naturally.