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Gaming and Online Addiction Help

Digital devices are surrounding people like never before. Smartphones are in just about every pocket, while laptops, computers, smart TVs, and other devices reside in one’s home for everyday use. This has made it easier than ever to access the web and play your favorite games.

For some people, however, this sort of accessibility becomes compulsive. Many people are struggling with gaming and online gaming addictions; this modern problem has only begun to be taken seriously by mental health professionals, doctors, and government bodies worldwide.

Getting gaming and online problem help is incredibly important when living with something like this. It can be easy to let your addiction impact your work, social life, and relationships, but this does not need to be the case.

What Makes Gaming & Online Time Addictive?

Addictions are often all about rewards. Video games are notoriously good at getting people hooked, though many assume this is thanks to stories and rich gameplay experiences. In reality, however, many of the most popular games in the world use simple psychology to make themselves easy to play for long periods. You will always be rewarded, with rewards getting better and better as time goes on; there will always be something new to reach for. Moreover, video games provide users with an experience that allows them to rewrite their own life story where they can be portrayed as a hero or victor over some cosmic struggle. Because some gamers find their ordinary life experiences boring or mundane, video games open up a new, exciting world where they are in the center of their universe. Although gaming in moderation is healthy and rewarding, when it becomes addictive and compulsive, it can have devastating consequences personally, socially, financially, and emotionally.

Online content addictions can work in a very similar way. Social media, for example, is very addictive thanks to the like systems which are in place. People forget about their social interactions and will fixate on the number of people following them, with each new one offering a similar feeling to the rewards people get in games. Furthermore, people desire to be “in the know” and constantly look up to friends, politicians, or celebrities to keep up with their stories and receive the latest updates. The irony is that the more connected the modern world has become, the more isolated people feel. Gaming and online addictions can be incredibly hard to overcome.

Overcoming A Gaming Or Online Addiction

Disconnecting yourself from your devices is always the best way to stop yourself from using games and social media. Of course, when you have an addiction to something, taking this sort of action can feel nearly impossible. Thankfully, our expert team of gaming and online addiction counselors have the experience to help you with this.

By offering therapy and support sessions, we can work on ways to stop your addiction which will work for you. There isn’t much point in simply taking the same approach as someone else, as everyone will be getting something different from their addiction, and you will need to change your response accordingly. We meet with each client and create a customized treatment plan that can best serve our client’s specific needs; moreover, we adopt a holistic addiction treatment approach in treating our client’s mind, body, and spirit.

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We believe that a gaming or online addiction is best solved locally. Having easy access to support can be extremely helpful during a process like this.

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