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Addiction Counseling For Porn

Dealing with addiction can be hard enough, let alone when you’re struggling with something very personal, like pornography. Although porn is legal and acceptable in today’s society, its effects on the human brain, relationships, and sexuality are not fully understood. Research is finding that porn has many similarities to drugs in activating the pleasure centers of the brain which hardwire addictive behavior. While any viewing of porn has its own problems for the viewer, porn coupled with addiction presents a unique challenge to someone who struggles in this way.

Living with a porn addiction can impact your life in many different ways. Your relationships can suffer, as your partner may feel objectified by your actions or jealous when you can’t keep yourself from watching pornographic content. Additionally, pornography tends to distort the viewers’ perception of sex, intimacy, and everyday relationships; many can approach these areas with unrealistic expectations which can further create problems for the person and his or her current or future relationships. Your job can feel the strain with a lot of people with porn addictions finding themselves with urges to watch this content during work and feeling out of control. If you are in a religious setting, there is a need to hide porn addiction for the shame it can bring to your church or family. And, in a lot of cases, your social life will also be hurt by porn use, especially if people find out about your addiction.

Our counseling for porn addiction NJ team is here to help you.

Individual Porn Addiction Therapy

Most people who are living with porn addictions will want to have their therapy on an individual basis. This makes a lot of sense, as this is a very personal matter, and it should be kept between as few people as possible. Thankfully, one to one therapy is one of the most effective forms of treatment for addiction.

Our experts will be able to help you to distance yourself from pornography, while also giving you tools to stop yourself from thinking about it and giving into the urges/cravings during your day to day life. We incorporate a holistic approach to addiction treatment by treating our clients’ mind, body, and spirit. We work hard to limit the impact this will have on your everyday living, and have helped countless people to get away from their porn addictions.

Family Counseling

Porn addiction not only affects the addict but those closest to him or her. Family members can often express feelings of powerlessness, frustration, and hopelessness when trying to help their loved ones who struggle with porn. Just as the porn addict undergoes a process of recovery from his or her porn addiction, so also does the family need recovery from some of the attitudes and behaviors that have resulted in trying to control the loved one. This makes family coaching a smart route to take for family members who do not know how to handle their loved ones’ porn behaviors. This service can train your family members to help you with your problems, ensuring that they know what to look for when you’re relapsing, creating healthy boundaries in the family relationship, and learning more empathy to make it much easier to talk about this sensitive topic.

The Long-Term

We understand that porn problem help isn’t something which can be delivered overnight. A lot of our patients find success very quickly, but will need help for several years to ensure that they don’t relapse or end up in the same spot they were in before. We work hard to provide long-term support to our clients, ensuring that they always have the help they need.

A big part of this is thanks to our local nature. Serving Hawthorne and the surrounding areas, all of our patients have easy access to support, and this has made it very easy to help people in emergencies in the past. You can find some of the other towns we cover below.

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