Individual Therapy

We provide individual psychotherapy that borrows from counseling orientations such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and interpersonal process therapy (IPT). Biblical principles will also be incorporated into individual sessions to create a strong spiritual foundation and help clients re-establish a relationship with God in their recovery. Topics to be discussed are coping skills, developing supportive networks, relapse triggers, biblical spirituality, and psycho-education.

Nutritional Recovery & Brain Health Coaching

Nutrition plays a major role in healing the brain and body from an addiction. Modern advances in scientific research show there is a strong impact on diet and neurotransmitters in the brain. Diet can either help or hinder one on his or her recovery journey. In active addiction, abuse of substances lead to changes in brain chemistry resulting in the imbalance and loss of certain neurotransmitters that are directly correlated with depression, anxiety, sleep, and more. Restoring the brain to optimal function is a crucial component in treating those who are wrestling with an addiction. Our nutritional recovery and brain health coach is passionate about providing clients with the necessary knowledge and tools that they need to regain full control of their mental health.

Addictions Family Coaching

Addiction has been classified as a “family disease.” We offer family addictions coaching to family members, spouses and/or friends of the loved one who is wrestling with addiction. Often times, family members and those closest to an addicted love one do not possess the knowledge base, boundaries, and support to assist their loved ones on a path to recovery. This often leads to burn-out, exhaustion, indefinite frustration, and hopelessness. We meet with families to educate them about addiction, counsel them on healthy boundaries, and connect them with additional supportive networks to ensure that they are equipped with handling a loved one’s addiction.


Interventions are a coordinated effort between an addictions professional and family to create a firm line with an addicted loved one and get them into necessary treatment. Counselor will meet with family to educate, discuss, plan, and execute intervention that will link the loved one with treatment while family members hold their bottom lines to prevent enabling behaviors.

We Treat The Following: