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Addiction is a debilitative and progressive condition that interferes with everyday functioning across multiple areas of life. Many try to ignore this condition by using sheer willpower to resist, becoming overly involved with work/activities or distracting themselves with another pleasurable activity. Over time, the addiction festers until one activating event or emotion triggers someone down the destructive cycle of addiction.

One of the common addictions that many people struggle with is gambling addiction. Many people who struggle with gambling think they can overcome improbable odds or are fixated on a dream of financial riches that feeds addictive behaviors. This leads one to spend one’s entire paycheck, gamble on credit, or take from family members to fulfill this habit. Often, gambling addicts have broken family trust, are in trouble with the law, and are being pursued by their creditors. One of the critical ways one heals from this addiction is admitting he or she has a problem and cannot stop. Gambling counseling is also a really important tool for one’s recovery. Fortunately for gambling addicts, gambling addiction has been recognized as a diagnosable condition by the American Psychological Association in the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Mental Health Disorders), which means one can get reimbursement from insurance providers. You should look at our options for gambling counseling.

About Us

A New Convictions Recovery We are a recovery and counseling center focused on treating addicts and their families. We offer a holistic and faith-based approach focused on treating the entire person and maximizing results using gambling counseling, nutritional recovery coaching, and faith-based interventions. Addiction is a complex illness requiring many elements to ensure a successful recovery; we at New Convictions Recovery have refined an approach that can maximize results.

What We Offer

Understanding what we offer is also essential when working out how to get the best gambling counseling. The most important thing to understand about us is that we are focused on offering a holistic, tailor-made approach to treatment. This means that we work closely with the client to formulate an individualized treatment plan that achieves one’s personal goals in treatment. We also offer complimentary services such as nutritional recovery coaching to support a healthy diet and discounted rates to a local CrossFit gym for physical fitness. We will take the time to treat your mind, body, and spirit and work towards the perfect outcome to help you beat your addiction.

Change Your Life Today

Taking positive steps to change your life to move forward is very important; failure is not permanent unless you quit. While recovery can be intimidating at first, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Using our services can positively impact your life to overcome your addiction. Do not allow the addiction to extinguish any hopes and dreams that you have to live a healthy, fulfilling life. You are faced with two options: the pain of regret or the pain of discipline. Addiction has brought you to a place where you are ready to live a new life. Recovery starts now.

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