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About New Convictions Recovery: Meeting the Challenges of Sexual Addiction

New Convictions Recovery, a highly respected therapist group in New Jersey, USA, delivers a broad spectrum of specialized support for those wrestling with sex addiction. We ensure a holistic, patient-centered approach with therapy options that are tailor-fit to color the optimal path to recovery.

Discover Our Expertise in Sex Addiction Recovery Therapies

Our certified specialists are proficient in cognitive-behavioral and behavioral therapeutic strategies essential when dealing with cycles of compulsive behaviors. Moreover, our services extend to pornography addiction counseling and sexual health counseling to capture a comprehensive treatment spectrum, scrupulously addressing every facet of the challenge at hand.

Your Path to Recovery: Aiding Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re exploring therapy options for sex addiction or are on an active journey towards recovery from sex addiction, our empathetic therapists are ready to lend their expert hand. We understand the unique struggles tied to this addiction, and we have shaped our methods to help you overcome them

The Beacon of Hope: New Convictions Recovery

We take immense pride in being a regional beacon of hope, guiding countless individuals towards brighter, healthier tomorrows beyond the confines of addiction. Our focus and dedication lies not just in providing the necessary therapy, but in also empowering you to emerge stronger and resilient at every point of contact.

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Grasping the Nature of Sex Addiction Recovery

Sexual addiction is an intricate behavioral issue, which typically needs comprehensive remedies for a successful recovery. The selection of appropriate therapy methods and supportive resources are fundamental to the healing procedure.

The Crucial Nature of Therapy in Addressing Sex Addiction

  • Therapy avails a secure and confidential platform for addiction sufferers to investigate the underpinning reasons for their predicament.
  • Through therapeutic interventions, the addicts can cultivate resilience strategies to resist stimuli and avoid relapse.
  • Invaluably, both individual and group therapeutic sessions offer much-needed support throughout the recovery process.
  • Besides addiction therapy, sexual health counseling plays a crucial role by focusing on sexual well-being and safety measures.

Identifying a Proficient Therapist Specializing in Sex Addiction

  • It’s imperative to find a certified therapist qualified in handling sex addiction to guarantee expert and dedicated care.
  • In areas like New Jersey, USA, a plethora of therapists offer specialized sex addiction counseling solutions.
  • Referrals and reviews can pave the way to locating the top-rated therapists within New Jersey, USA.
  • It’s important to confirm whether your chosen therapist is acquainted with various treatment options and can customize therapy to fit your needs.

Exploring Various Treatment Modalities for Sexual Addiction

  • Behavioral Therapy for Sex Addiction: Mainly emphasizes on replacing detrimental behaviors with healthier habits.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Sex Addiction: Targets the thought processes that fuel addictive behaviors and helps to reshape them.
  • Individual Therapy for Sex Addiction: Affords a secluded setting to delve into personal problems and triggers.
  • Pornography Addiction Counseling: Particularly designed to combat excessive consumption of pornographic content and its related dilemmas.

Availing Support Systems and Essential Resources towards Overcoming Sexual Addiction


  • Numerous resources like the sex addiction counseling services within New Jersey, USA, can help direct individuals to suitable assistance.
  • Online directories often feature counseling services for sex addiction, thereby promoting discretely seeking help.
  • The path to overcoming sex addiction is ongoing, making the consistent backing of support groups and resources invaluable.

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We Proudly Serve Northern New Jersey

A local support network is crucial when working through an addiction. As such, we limit our service area to include the towns surrounding New Jersey, USA.

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