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In Allwood, NJ, a leading light in the fight against gambling addiction shines brightly – New Convictions Recovery. As a premier counseling center specializing in gambling addiction treatments, we offer a rainbow of comprehensive, custom-tailored services to assist those seeking recovery. A team of dedicated and compassionate counselors are available to navigate you through the turbulent journey of gambling addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Breaking the Chains of Addiction

New Convictions Recovery leverages an amalgamation of traditional, as well as innovative courses of treatment to combat and overcome addiction. Our programs explore beyond the surface of addiction, delving into latent mental and substance abuse issues to foster a holistic recovery approach.

Our Unwavering Mission

Our mission at New Convictions Recovery is resolute. We aim to influence and transform lives, offering essential recovery tools that spur individuals towards a future free of addiction. In childing the pillars of information, resources, and hotlines, our center serves as a beacon of hope and recovery for those wrestling with compulsive gambling and related disorders.


Deciphering Gambling Dependency

Being consumed with an unstoppable desire to venture into gambling, in spite of being fully aware of its detrimental aftermath, is a conclusion known as gambling addiction. This behavioural condition is often paralleled with drug dependence in relation to its nature. Gambling can be a lure due to varied reasons extending from anticipating a financial windfall to the rush associated with risk-taking or even serving as a disruption from stress. Realising the presence of a problem and undertaking measures to rectify it forms the crux of initiating a solution.

Detecting the Footprint of Extreme Betting

Substantial signs indicative of a gambling disorder could include an inability to limit or control gambling regardless of unfavourable outcomes. There may also be an all-consuming fixation on gambling activities accompanied by recollections of past gambling escapades. Gamblers may irrationally increase wagers after facing losses with a false hope of recovering the lost amount. Halting or limiting gambling can result in restlessness or irritability. There may be instances where gamblers hide or lie about their level of gambling engagement. Financial stress may be apparent due to reliance on credit cards, loans or in extreme cases, resorting to theft to maintain the compulsion.

Significance of Enlisting Expert Assistance for Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can potentially lead to grave mental, financial, and interpersonal repercussions. Integrating professional support can significantly enhance the chances of long-term recovery. Specialists in gambling addiction are skilled in offering tailored solutions and coping mechanisms. For New Jersey residents struggling with gambling addiction, professional services can be accessed via the Council of New Jersey at

Remedial Measures for Chronic Gambling

Both individual and collective therapy can center on identifying and processing the root causes and stimuli of gambling addiction. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can successfully rectify and transform detrimental thought processes. Medicinal aid can be offered to manage any additional mental health conditions that may contribute towards the addiction. Those dealing with gambling addiction in New Jersey can consider a thorough treatment plan through a local rehabilitation program.

Support Channels for Individuals with Gambling Addiction

Immediate assistance for gambling crises can be sought from the Gambling Addiction Hotline at 609-588-5515. Online platforms offer educational data, direction, and access to supportive communities. Local New Jersey entities, such as the NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling, provide services, therapy and programs dedicated to recovery. Gambling addiction counselling can be availed in New Jersey for both group and individual therapy options.

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