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New Convictions Recovery: A Forefront in Gambling Addiction Counseling in Bergen County, NJ

Noted as a premier counseling center in New Jersey, New Convictions Recovery is renowned for its expertise in gambling addiction treatment. Furnishing a comprehensive suite of gambling addiction therapy and counseling services, the center is a preferred choice for those actively seeking help.

Our Approach

Grounded by a team of dedicated counselors, we encapsulate every modality of recovery assistance. This spans the spectrum from aiding in the initial introduction of the need for change through intervention, to creating a solid platform for rehabilitation. We further serve by imparting essential resources, hotlines, and valuable information.


Located in Bergen County, our center stands out as a lighthouse for those in the throes of compulsive gambling. This includes those experiencing co-occurring disorders. We ensure that each individual connecting with us gets the bespoke treatment they require for recovery.

Strategies & Techniques

At New Convictions Recovery, we employ a fusion of time-tested and pioneering approaches to counter addiction. By identifying and addressing the root mental and substance-abuse issues, we ensure a recovery experience that is truly all-encompassing.

Our Commitment

Guided by an unwavering commitment to touch lives, we focus on imparting essential tools and resources. Further, we aim to empower individuals towards a brighter, addiction-free future. Rest assured, at New Convictions Recovery we’re dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.


Comprehending the Nature of Gambling Addiction

Recognized as an irresistible urge to gamble notwithstanding the negative impacts or an aspiration to cease.

Frequently grouped with behavioral addictions, much like substance dependency conditions.

Root causes may vary from the thrill of risking, the ambition for financial prosperity, or a way to alleviate stress.

Realization is the initial stride towards accepting the challenge and pursuing assistance.

Indicators and Manifestations of Pathological Gambling

Incapacity to manage or diminish gambling despite unfavorable consequences.

Becoming engrossed with gambling activities and incessantly recollecting past experiences.

Escalating bet sums when losing, with the hope of recovering losses.

Restive or grumpiness when attempting to curtail or stop gambling.

Obscuring gambling activities or falsifying the degree of involvement.

Financial pressure, including maxed-out credit cards, loans, or even theft, to maintain the habit.

Significance of Enlisting Professional Assistance for Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling can result in serious mental, financial, and interpersonal challenges.

Professional intervention enhances the probability of sustained recovery.

Counselors and therapists with specialization in gambling addiction proffer tailored solutions and coping methods.

Acquire assistance for gambling addiction in NJ: Engage the Council of New Jersey at for specialized services.

Remedial Options for Compulsive Gambling

Singular and collective therapy targets the fundamental causes and triggers.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to tackle and alter negative thought patterns.

Medication to treat any lurking mental diseases exacerbating the addiction.

Enlist in a gambling addiction therapy plan in New Jersey for all-inclusive care.

Support for Individuals Suffering From a Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction Hotline: Immediate assistance and information for those in crisis. 609-588-5515

Online resources furnish information, guidance, and access to support systems.

Local NJ centers and organizations, like the NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling, offer services, therapy, and recovery programs.

Utilize gambling addiction counseling services in New Jersey to discover group and individual therapy alternatives.

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