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Distinct Characteristics of New Convictions Recovery

Located in Watchung, NJ, New Convictions Recovery is a reputable center revered for its expertise in managing gambling addiction. As a commanding entity in the region, we deliver an all-inclusive range of treatments and therapies for those combating addiction. Our team of devoted counselors is always ready to extend their assistance for every phase of your recovery journey. This can range from initial intervention to rehabilitation, while also dispensing indispensable information, hotlines, and resources. We stand as a pillar of hope for individuals grappling with uncontrollable gambling and simultaneous disorders – delivering personalized treatment as per every individual’s requirement.

Thorough Approach towards Recovery

We employ a combination of conventional and groundbreaking methodologies within our programs, confronting head-on the issue of addiction and concomitant mental and substance abuse problems, thus ensuring a holistic path to recovery. Our commitment at New Convictions Recovery is dedicated to impacting positively the lives of those we serve, by bestowing them with the necessary tools and resources for a promising, addiction-free future.

Scrutinizing the Quality, Options, and Experience

The focus is always on providing informative and helpful details about our organization, our unique offerings, and the value we bestow to our clients. This covers a broad spectrum from discussing our dynamic strategies, quality of services, or various program options, and delving into the extensive experience of our organization and its proprietors.

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What Not to Expect at New Convictions Recovery

Please note, New Convictions Recovery does not offer interventions, group counseling, support group sessions, or family therapy sessions as part of our services. Our primary focus remains on individual gambling addiction treatment and recovery.


An Insight into Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction, often likened to substance abuse disorders, is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to gamble, regardless of the negative repercussions or an existing desire to quit. This obsession can stem from the thrill of risk-taking, the aspiration for a financial breakthrough, or as an escape route from stress. Recognizing and admitting the issue is the primary step towards seeking a solution.

Detecting the Warning Signs of Uncontrolled Gambling

The defining indicators of compulsive gambling can be the inability to restrain from or minimize the habit regardless of the adverse outcomes. Habitual gamblers usually get consumed by their betting activities and frequently revisit their past experiences. They often increase their stakes after losses in a bid to recover them and may display unease or annoyance on attempts to cut back or abstain. Compulsive gamblers often disguise their betting deeds or falsify the magnitude of participation. Instances of financial hurdles like overused credit cards, loans, or even theft to sustain the addiction can also be signs.

Recognizing the Need to Consult Professionals for Gambling Addiction

Untreated gambling addiction can trigger severe psychological, financial, and personal issues. Turning to professionals can enhance the chances of a sturdy recovery. Specialists like counselors and therapists provide tailored solutions and coping mechanisms. For those in need of help in New Jersey, they can reach out to the Council of New Jersey at

Effective Treatment Options for Persistent Gambling

Methods such as individual and group therapy can target the casual factors and stimuli. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be used to manage and alter detrimental thought processes. Prescribed drugs can also address any existing mental disorders adding to the addiction. In New Jersey, comprehensive care can be sought via specialized gambling addiction rehabilitation programs.

Essential Resources for Those Battling Gambling Addiction

The Gambling Addiction Hotline on 609-588-5515 is readily available for urgent assistance and information. Online resources can offer invaluable information, advice, and supportive networks. Local facilities and groups such as the NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling provide support, therapy, and recovery plans. Group and individual therapy alternatives can be found through gambling addiction counselling services in New Jersey.

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