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gaming addictionNew Convictions Recovery in East Hanover Township, NJ is the premier comprehensive gaming addiction counseling center. We offer specialized video game addiction counseling in East Hanover Township, NJ, designed to address the growing concerns of internet gaming disorder. Our experts provide a holistic video game addiction recovery program, combining gaming addiction treatment with education and awareness. With services such as gaming addiction rehab, intervention, and assessments, we lead in providing help for those addicted to games.

Whether you’re seeking gaming disorder therapy, online gaming addiction support, prevention strategies, or resources like books, we have the right tools and technology. In this age of advancing technology and evolving gaming landscapes, trust New Convictions Recovery to guide you and your loved ones toward a healthier relationship with video games.


What is gaming addiction, and how does it affect individuals?

– Gaming addiction, also known as “Internet Gaming Disorder,” is a behavioral disorder characterized by excessive and compulsive engagement in video games, leading to significant impairment in daily functioning and well-being.

– Individuals with gaming addiction prioritize gaming over other crucial life responsibilities and activities, often negatively impacting their relationships, academics, careers, and health.

– Although many people enjoy gaming recreationally without negative consequences, those who suffer from gaming addiction struggle to control their urge to play, even when it leads to negative outcomes.

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

  • Excessive Time Spent on Video Games
  • Withdrawal Symptoms When Not Gaming
  • Failed Attempts to Reduce Gaming Habits
  • Loss of Interest in Other Activities
  • Lying or Hiding Gaming Activities
  • Using Gaming as a Coping Mechanism

Treatment Options and Counseling Services for Gaming Addiction

  • Video Game Addiction Counseling in NJ
  • Gaming Addiction Rehab
  • One-on-One Therapy Sessions
  • Online Gaming Addiction Support
  • Gaming Addiction Assessment

The Benefits of Professional Help in Treating Gaming Addiction

  • Access to Evidence-Based Strategies and Interventions
  • Understanding Root Causes and Developing Coping Mechanisms
  • Structured Support in Setting Boundaries
  • Opportunities to Join Support Groups
  • Improvement in Overall Well-Being and Daily Functioning

Resources for Gamers

  • Gaming Addiction Education and Awareness
  • Gaming Addiction Intervention
  • Gaming Addiction Helpline
  • Gaming Addiction Prevention Strategies
  • Books and Tools for Addicts and Their Loved Ones

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