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Comprehensive Video Game Addiction Assistance from New Convictions Recovery

Welcome to New Convictions Recovery, a leading edge in video game addiction counseling, located in the heart of Ridgewood, NJ. We’re not just a counseling center, but a hub of information and support for those suffering from internet gaming disorder.

Specialized Support for Gaming Addiction Recovery

Our specialized video game addiction counseling is designed to transform lives affected by the grips of gaming obsession. We believe in helping you reclaim your time, attention, and life balance. Our methodology is not just about addressing the signs, but also providing an enriching program that combines education, awareness and gaming addiction treatment.

Leading the Way Out of Gaming Addiction

At New Convictions Recovery, we’re committed to developing proactive strategies and measures to help individuals crawling out of the abyss of gaming addiction. We understand the different challenges posed by today’s evolving technology landscape and are geared to steer you and your loved ones towards a balanced relationship with video games.

Comprehensive Resource Center

We do not limit our engagement to the therapy room; our center is also equipped with a variety of resources such as books, and preventative strategies to provide support, knowledge, and inspiration for those seeking freedom from video game addiction.

In short, New Convictions Recovery has everything to bring you one step closer to a healthier digital life. Trust in us to guide you in your journey to recovery from gaming addiction with confidence and efficiency.

Please note: New Convictions Recovery does not offer group counseling, support groups, family therapy sessions, or interventions. We are focused on providing one-on-one gaming addiction recovery sessions.


Recognizing the Indicators of Gaming Dependence

Indications of gaming obsession can often include prioritizing gaming over other tasks and duties, heightened restlessness or irritability when not playing games, and unsuccessful attempts to reduce or regulate gaming habits. An alarming sign is also a loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities and hobbies, deception about gaming activities with friends and loved ones, and using gaming as a primary way to handle negative emotions such as stress and sadness.

Understanding the Treatment Choices for Video Game Addiction

There are a range of treatment options and counseling services specifically designed for combating gaming addiction. In New Jersey, various therapists and counseling facilities specialize in managing gaming addiction. Rehabilitation facilities provide immersive therapy environments, often implementing a range of therapeutic methods.

In-Person and Online Therapeutic Support Available for Gaming Addiction

Treatment plans can also include personalized therapy sessions, as well as online gaming addiction aid, providing flexible options for those who prefer virtual engagement. Comprehensive evaluations are used to determine the severity of the addiction and inform the development of treatment plans.

The Advantages of Seeking Professional Help

There are many benefits to receiving professional help for gaming addiction. Methods include the use of evidence-based strategies tailored to address the unique challenges posed by this addiction. Expert advice provides an opportunity to comprehend the root causes of the addiction and create coping strategies. This formal support helps individuals establish boundaries and lower their gaming time, and offers the chance to partake in support groups, fostering shared experiences and mutual learning. Among the outcomes of this therapeutic process are improved overall well-being, relationships, and everyday functionality.

Resources for Individuals Struggling with Gaming Addiction

Education and awareness on the risks of excessive gaming and the promotion of healthier gaming habits are key interventions offered by numerous organizations. Additionally, strategies available include intervention for those resisting help, toll-free helplines providing immediate support, and educational resources and workshops teaching techniques to prevent the start or worsening of gaming addiction. Books and tools offering detailed insights and advice are also available to addicts and their support network.


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