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A Comprehensive Approach to Gaming Addiction Counseling at New Convictions Recovery, Waldwick, NJ

Uniquely placed as Waldwick, NJ’s leading destination for comprehensive gaming addiction counseling, New Convictions Recovery is dedicated to tackling the escalating issues attached to internet gaming disorder with a curated, specialized video game addiction counseling program.

Video Game Addiction Recovery with a Holistic Touch

Our expert team brings together gaming addiction treatment, education, and awareness as part of an integrated approach to recovery. We offer robust gaming addiction rehab services, coupled with timely intervention measures and informative assessments. This makes us the top-of-the-line choice for holistic help in gaming addiction.

Customized Gaming Disorder Therapy and More

Whether you are on the lookout for effective gaming disorder therapy, need online gaming addiction support, or seeking preventive strategies and resources like enlightening books, New Convictions Recovery has got you covered. We combine the right tools with the latest technology to deliver tailor-made solutions.

Lead a Balanced Gaming Life with New Convictions Recovery

In the dynamic digital era, where advancing technology and evolving gaming landscapes constantly redefine our habits and lifestyle, New Convictions Recovery stands as a trusted ally. We are committed to guiding you and your loved ones towards a more balanced and healthy interaction with video games.


Recognizing Gaming Addiction: The Symptoms

Are you or a loved one sacrificing other activities and responsibilities in favor of more game time? Experiencing irritability or restlessness when you can’t indulge in gaming? These are just a few signs of gaming addiction. Other indications could include multiple unsuccessful attempts to cut back on gaming, losing interest in all other hobbies, or resorting to lying or hiding gaming activities from friends and family. Many also use gaming as their primary way of dealing with stress, sadness, or other negative emotions.

Treatment Options for Gaming Addiction

There are a number of specific treatments and counseling services available for those suffering from gaming addiction. Options include gaming addiction rehabilitation centers in New Jersey, which offer immersive recovery environments with therapeutic techniques. Other alternatives include one-on-one therapy sessions, online support groups and gaming addiction assessments to help create a treatment plan.

The Upside of Seeking Professional Help

Seeking assistance from trained professionals in dealing with gaming addiction can offer multiple benefits. This includes access to evidence-based strategies, personalized interventions for gaming addiction challenges, understanding of root causes and the development of coping mechanisms. Structured support can help individuals establish gaming boundaries and reduce their gaming time. Engaging in the therapeutic process can also result in improved overall health, relationships, and functioning.

Aid Resources for Gaming Addicts

There are plenty of resources available to increase education and awareness about gaming addiction. This includes interventions, toll-free helplines for immediate assistance, prevention strategy workshops, as well as myriad books and tools providing deep insights into gaming addiction.


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