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New Convictions Recovery: Your Companion in Overcoming Gambling Addiction

New Convictions Recovery, Your Lifeline in Edgewater, NJ

New Convictions Recovery centers in Edgewater, New Jersey, are highly acclaimed institutions known for successfully treating individuals battling gambling addiction. We concentrate on providing meticulous counseling services and therapies tailored to facilitate effective recovery from addictive behaviors.

Our counselors’ dedication is focused on being an unwavering pillar of support throughout the recovery journey – from initial intervention to fostering essential resources and information.

Proudly serving the people of New Jersey, we thrive on our commitment to ensuring transformational changes in the lives of individuals affected, making our center a light in the darkness for those struggling with uncontrollable gambling habits and co-existing disorders.

A Transformative Approach to Treating Gambling Addiction

New Convictions Recovery innovatively intertwines conventional and modern methodologies to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for our patients. Our approach tackles addictive behaviors head-on while addressing potential underlying mental health and substance abuse issues to ensure a well-rounded recovery journey.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to imparting the necessary tools and resources to our patients, setting them on a path toward a future free from the clutches of addiction. Staying true to our promise of delivering transformative changes, New Convictions Recovery stands as an embodiment of hope, recovery, and unconditional support.


Familiarizing Oneself with Gambling Addiction

This is a compulsive impulse to gamble despite experiencing adverse outcomes or having the will to quit. It is usually recognized as a behavioral addiction, closely resembling substance abuse disorders. The key motivators could range from a love for thrill-seeking, an objective for monetary gain, or as a coping mechanism for stress. An integral initial action for addressing it is acknowledging the problem to facilitate help-seeking.

Identifying the Indicators of Excessive Gambling

Characteristics include an inability to restrain or minimize gambling activities even with negative ramifications. Additionally, obsessive thoughts involving gambling and continuously reflecting on prior experiences is common. There’s often an escalation in betting sums in the aftermath of losses with the aim of recovering losses. Difficulty with settling or quitting gambling leading to tension or irritation, deceitful actions associated with gambling, and economic stress are also markers.

The Necessity of Securing Professional Assistance for Gambling Addiction

Compulsive gambling can result in profound psychological, fiscal, and interpersonal troubles. Professional input enhances the likelihood of enduring recovery. Therapists and counselors who focus on gambling addiction bring forth specific solutions and management methods. For special assistance, reach out to the Council of New Jersey’s website at

Therapy Choices for Excessive Gambling

Treatment encompasses both individual and group therapy concentrating on the fundamental causes and stimuli of the addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works to address and rectify harmful thought patterns. Medicine is used to treat any latent mental health ailments that contribute to the addiction. Gambling addiction therapy programs in New Jersey offer all-around care.

Available Support for People with a Gambling Addiction

Services are available such as the Gambling Addiction Hotline for immediate assistance: 609-588-5515. Online resources that offer information, guidance, and connections to supportive networks can also be utilized. NJ local organizations like the NJ Council on Compulsive Gambling provide services, counseling, and rehabilitation.

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