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New Convictions Recovery: A Leader in Gaming Addiction Counseling

The renowned New Convictions Recovery center, situated in Millburn, NJ, offers stellar services in the management of gaming addiction. Our facility specializes in video game addiction therapy and is committed to addressing the escalating phenomenon of internet gaming disorder.

Comprehensive Program for Video Game Addiction

At the heart of our center is a holistic recovery program that merges gaming addiction therapy with education and awareness. Our prime focus is to empower those who are grappling with game addiction with the tools they need to regain control. Our services circumvent traditional practices of intervention or assessments, placing us at the forefront of gaming addiction rehabilitation.

Reliable Video Gaming Disorder Therapy

If you or someone you know is battling with gaming disorder, our team is equipped with the right strategies and tools to help. We offer the support needed for overcoming online gaming addiction, as well as a range of useful resources, such as books.

Stay Ahead of Technological Advancements

The world of technology and gaming is constantly evolving, bringing with it the challenges of video game addiction. However, with New Convictions Recovery, you can trust us to guide you and your family towards a healthier approach towards video games. We not only provide therapy but also emphasize prevention strategies, making us your reliable partner in gaming addiction recovery.

Rely on the expertise of New Convictions Recovery, your guide through the terrain of gaming addiction recovery, to bring back balance and joy in your life.


Recognizing Gaming Addiction: What to Look For

A significant increase in gaming hours, often at the detriment of other tasks and commitments.

Withdrawal symptoms like grumpiness or restlessness when not playing video games.

Unsuccessful efforts to curb or regulate gaming behaviour.

Diminished interest in hobbies and activities that previously brought joy.

Concealing or lying about gaming activities to loved ones.

Using video games to deal with stress, sadness, or other negative emotions.

Treatment and Counseling Services for Gaming Addiction: An Overview

Numerous treatment options and counseling services are available specifically for individuals with gaming addiction.

Gaming Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

Several therapists and counseling centers in New Jersey focus on addiction to gaming.

Immersive gaming Addiction Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation facilities provide all-encompassing settings for recovery, incorporating various therapeutic methods.

Individualized Therapy Sessions

Online Support for Gaming Addiction

Virtual therapy and online support groups offer flexible options for those who are more comfortable with online interaction.

Assessment of A Gaming Addiction

Thorough evaluations to assess the extent of addiction and guide the treatment procedure.

The Positive Impact of Professional Guidance

Professional counseling and therapy from trained specialists provide numerous benefits for gaming addicts.

Evidence-Based Intervention Techniques

Utilize strategies and interventions that address the unique difficulties of gaming addiction effectively.

Building Coping Mechanisms

Professional guidance that helps understand addiction root causes and develop useful coping tactics.

Assistance In Setting Boundaries

Structured support helps individuals set limits and reduce their gaming hours.

Support Groups for Sharing Experiences

Opportunities to join support groups.

General Improvement in Well-Being

The therapeutic process leads to overall well-being improvements, better relationships, and improved daily functioning.

Resources for Gamers

Educating Gamers on Addiction

Numerous initiatives aim to raise awareness of gaming excesses’ dangers and promote healthier gaming habits.

Intervention for Gaming Addiction

Organize interventions for cases where an individual may be avoiding seeking help.

Helpline for Gaming Addiction

Toll-free helplines provide immediate support and guidance.

Gaming Addiction Prevention Strategies

Educational resources and workshops for preventing or managing gaming addiction.

Understanding Gaming Addiction

A variety of books and tools provide insights and recommendations for gaming addicts and their families.


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